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Brent Chow is the Co-founder of SVRF, the first search for immersive content. He previously founded two startups in the printing and payment processing industries, was the Head of Product at AnyMeeting, and is a self-taught engineer. Brent graduated from Chapman University in 2012 with a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, a B.A. degree in Economics, and a minor in Leadership and Organizational Studies.

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Svrf API: Bring 3D Face Filters & 360 to Any App in Minutes

Our vision for Svrf has always been to enable anyone, anywhere to experience immersive content. We believe everyone should be able to see the world differently. When we launched Svrf less than two years ago, we started...

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Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a VR Illustration

An artist’s world opens up as soon as they discover creating in virtual reality. The limitations of lack of space (and therefore less freedom to create detail) are no longer a concern when you open up your canvas....

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The Top 5 Snapchat AR Portals & Lenses You Can Try Today

There’s an explanation to why you’ve been seeing videos of people waltzing into the Stranger Things AR portals or having mushrooms magically sprout out of their desks. Snapchat’s World Lenses make...

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