Svrf API and SDK - Face Filters & 360 Photos and Videos

Svrf API: Bring 3D Face Filters & 360 to Any App in Minutes

Our vision for Svrf has always been to enable anyone, anywhere to experience immersive content. We believe everyone should be able to see the world differently. When we launched Svrf less than two years ago, we started simple, focusing on indexing 360 photos and videos. We purposefully built for platforms that our friends used daily. We created the first virtual reality Chrome Extension and the first immersive search engine for the web. Since our launch, we’ve powered over 62 million immersive experiences across all our applications.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding our immersive search engine to include 3D face filters. Face filters offer a unique take on immersive content, allowing the user to become the story they share with friends. Around the world, people use face filters to communicate with friends on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. On Snapchat alone, over 70M users use face filters for an average of 3 minutes per day.

Our experimentation with face filters started on Snapchat, building some of the most beloved experiences on the platform. We found that face filters aren’t just a great way for users to socialize. They are also the perfect way for users to connect with their favorite celebrities and brands.

We worked with major recording labels to create official face filters for artists such as Nicki Minaj, Imagine Dragons, Zedd, and Florence and the Machine. Millions of Snapchat users have shared our face filters with their friends and family. After seeing how many people loved face filters, we decided to bring face filters to Svrf!

Svrf’s face filters are compatible with Apple’s ARKit True Depth camera. Just like Apple’s Animojis, this allows users to express themselves through animated facial expressions called blend shapes. Up until today, developers had to upload these animated models at compile time and update them through app updates. We’ve changed this by creating the first streamable face filters with blend shape animations for ARKit. But that’s not all…

Svrf API & SDK - 3D face filters, 360 photos and videosToday we’re excited to share that the entire Svrf search engine will be open to developers through the Svrf API. The Svrf API allows developers to provide their users immediate access to hundreds of face filters and hundreds of thousands of 360 photos and videos. We’re even including access to the official face filters we created for major recording artists like Nicki Minaj! Best of all, it’s free!

Previously, a developer had to create or curate the immersive content they wanted for their app. We’ve taken care of the content creation and curation. Now any developer can integrate with the Svrf API and we’ll stream the best immersive experiences to their app. By adding face filters and 360 videos and photos, every application can allow their users to become a part of their story.

Today’s launch includes a number of tools for developers to quickly start adding face filters and 360 content to their apps through the Svrf API. The Svrf iOS SDK allows a developer to easily integrate our API and stream animated face filters to their apps. We’ve also created API client libraries in JavaScript, C#, Swift, and Java for easier integration on any platform. Developers can get started quickly by visiting: https://developers.svrf.com.

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