SVRF Android App - Search and Discover Immersive VR / AR Videos and Images

SVRF Launches On Android!

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Today at SVRF we’re excited to launch SVRF for Android into open beta! SVRF for Android is yet another way we are allowing consumers to experience the best VR content.

SVRF Android App - Search and Discover Immersive VR / AR Videos and Images

A core part of our ethos at SVRF is to build products that make VR more accessible and approachable. As we began to design SVRF for Android, we encountered many people who said they were interested in VR but had never tried it, mostly because they didn’t have direct access to a headset. At SVRF, we believe that everyone should be able to experience VR just by using the phone in their pocket. That’s why SVRF for Android is built so that anyone with an Android can experience VR, with or without a headset.

Explore VR without a headset

Without a headset, users can use the orientation of their phone or drag the screen to explore VR content. Want to see something new? It’s a feed! Swipe up to see the next experience. This view provides a window into the world of VR and we hope this glimpse captures people’s imaginations and inspires them put on headsets. Which leads me to how you view content in a headset…

With other VR apps, you have to press a button to kickstart VR mode and then put your phone into the headset. With SVRF, simply rotate your phone counterclockwise to begin exploring. 😊 To advance to the next piece of content inside of a headset, tap the screen or use the trigger.

Discover amazing immersive experiences

SVRF for Android has all the same great features as SVRF for web: Daily Top content to give you the best VR experiences every day, curated categories for traveling the world, taking a breather or when you really need to say WTF, and search, for those times you know exactly what you want.

SVRF Android App - Search and Discover Immersive VR / AR Videos and Images

On Android, you can ‘like’ your favorite pieces of content to save them for quick access later.

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We can’t wait to hear about all the great content you discover!


Happy SVRFing!
Sophia, Brent, & the SVRF Team 🏄🏻‍