SVRF Launches Embeds: A better way to share VR

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SVRF Powers VR Embeds

Today, we’re excited to be taking another step towards our goal of making VR accessible everywhere by allowing anyone to embed any content on SVRF on websites such as WordPress, Reddit, Tumblr, and Medium. It’s never been easier for you to SVRF seamlessly online. 

We continue to be blown away by the ability for VR to teleport you as close to existing realities, or as deep into your imagination as you wish.  But when you come back from these experiences, you need a way to share them with the world. Whether viewing the city of love from the top of the Eiffel tower, dancing with Pickle Rick, or immersing yourself inside infinity mirrors, your friends, followers, readers, or audience deserve to experience what you did. And now they can, thanks to SVRF Embeds.

Step into Infinity

Experience Step into Infinit… by CNN. Search and discover more yayoi-kusama VR videos on the web or in VR.

With SVRF Embeds, you can embed any VR video or image on all of the sites you already use, including WordPress, Reddit, and Medium. This is especially exciting if you are:

  • A blogger, content writer, or creator
  • Adding rich media to a site 
  • A future tastemaker that deserves to be loved for sharing cool stuff

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the content piece you want to share on SVRF
  2. Copy the URL at the top of your browser
  3. Enter the URL on any Embed.ly supported site and violá!

We hope this update makes SVRFing a little more enjoyable for you. To find more content worth sharing, subscribe to the SVRF Report.

Here’s a few other fun VR videos and images we thought you’d enjoy:

Pickle Rick Mansion Mania

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[360°] The VRChat Experience

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Milky Way, Poland

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