SVRF Tabs VR Chrome Extension

Why We Built the First Chrome Extension for VR

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Today at SVRF we’re excited to announce the launch of SVRF Tabs, the first Chrome Extension for VR content. We built SVRF Tabs to give anyone the experience of breathtaking VR/360 content each time that they open a new tab. Scroll right, left, up, down, or let your browser auto-turn to show you the magic of not being confined to 4 corners.

SVRF Tabs VR Chrome Extension

SVRF is the search and discovery engine for VR content, so we made a Chrome extension

It all started a few weeks ago when my co-founder, Brent, was reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and kept coming back to the idea of consumers needing to build a routine around experiencing VR content. I’ve spent over two years meeting and working with the top VR investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts and even they often don’t have a VR routine, so this really resonated with me.

The excuses for lack of exposure to VR content include everything from price to digital exhaustion to “VR just being for gamers”, so we knew that we wanted to come up with something unique with an almost non-existent barrier to entry. A ‘non-excusable’ VR experience, one might say. One day, while staring at our monitors filled with dozens of tabs of VR content for SVRF, we hit command-T and noticed this blank canvas in the form of a new tab waiting to be filled. We realized that if we put 360 content right in the user’s browser, this was a huge step towards our goal of getting people to think more about VR/360 content in their daily lives. And what better way to start a new daily habit than in the new year?

Thus, SVRF Tabs was born.

What’s next?

Our goal at SVRF is to bring VR to the masses and this is the first step in that direction. SVRF Tabs is the first product of its kind and we strongly believe it is the lowest friction way for people to consume VR/360 content everyday.

Whether you’re a VR enthusiast or someone who has never seen any VR content before, download SVRF Tabs, enjoy your daily browsing a bit more, and happy surfing.


Update: Read about our latest product launches: SVRF for the Web and SVRF for Android.