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SVRFing into AR with ARKit & ARCore

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Helping You Build Your Next AR Experience With a Curated List of the Best 3D Objects & Environments

We’re excited to launch a collection of 3D objects and environments on SVRF that you can drag and drop into your ARKit or ARCore applications. The criteria for this collection was that all models be FREE and DOWNLOADABLE. In addition, we heavily focused on the content being ANIMATED, since animated 3D objects and environments make the best experiences.

We are launching this to continue to support the discovery and creation of all types of immersive content. Over time, we will expand on this collection and add more objects andenvironments to be discovered on SVRF.

Have you created or discovered amazing immersive, 360 or 3D objects or VR videos that you want to share with the world? Submit them here and we’ll feature our favorites.

For those interested in learning how to animate 3D models, we recommend using Mixamo as their workflow is super straightforward. Again, we strongly support the movement to animate more models as it results in more engaging experiences.

For other resources on adding 3D objects and environments into ARKit and ARCore, check these out:

Happy SVRFing! 
Sophia, Brent, & the SVRF Team


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