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SVRF Officially Enters Open Beta On The Web

At SVRF, we’re pretty obsessed with virtual reality (VR) content and exposing the maximum amount of people to the best content that exists today. Not too long ago we brought you SVRF Tabs, a chrome extension which powers high-quality VR/360 content to your browser each time you open a new tab. This was our first venture into showing the power of building a daily habit of consuming VR/360 content.

Exactly seven weeks ago, we launched SVRF Tabs. Today, on the morning of our web launch, we’ve eclipsed 1 million VR/360 photos served to over 4,000 people!

Search & Discovery for VR

Now that we’ve built a daily habit of experiencing VR/360 content for many of you, we’re hoping to take this new habit a step further and give you even more content to experience. Today we’re launching SVRF into open beta on the web to start gathering your feedback as we continue to build out the world’s first search and discovery platform for VR content.

SVRF enables the discovery of VR content right from your desktop or mobile web browser.

SVRF for Web - Immersive VR Search Engine

Want to just see the best new VR content every day? Check out our Daily Top section that is curated to deliver new, trending, and high-quality VR experiences to you every day.

Have a better idea of what type of VR content you’re looking for? We’ve curated channels that allow you to go down rabbit holes of VR content across categories such as Travel, Sports, Music, and more. We even built a WTF channel for all of the strangely incredible experiences we found.

Know exactly what you want? Just search. We’ve built a tagging algorithm to tag and categorize all of the VR content on the web, so just type in your keyword and hit enter. I’m sure you’ll find something you like 🙂

Across all of these use-cases, we’ve stuck to our core beliefs not only in making VR content accessible, but also making sure that we serve our users the best content. Our recommendation and content rating engine has been built out over the past 6 months, so whether you’re exploring categories or searching for what you want to see, we do our best to show you the highest quality content, first.

I’m sure many of you may be wondering: if you’re building for VR, why did you launch on web first? We launched web first because part of our ethos is to build products that empower a wider audience to incorporate VR/360 into their daily lives. Launching on web first allows us to expose more people to VR/360 content, but don’t worry, we will be shipping our mobile betas soon (more on this below).

To get you started, we’ve assembled a few special SVRF collections to start your “SVRFing” off right:

Views from Above VR Collection by SVRFNarrative VR Collection by SVRFThe End of the Day VR Collection by SVRF

More SVRFing

In the next few weeks we’ll be connecting the experiences of SVRF Tabs and Web, allowing you to search for VR content from within the comfort of your new tab.

Simultaneously, we’re hard at work Alpha testing the SVRF mobile apps. Both Android and iOS versions will be available soon for beta testing, so if you’re interested in experiencing SVRF in mobile VR, sign up here to be among the first people notified.

Until then, we hope you enjoy riding the waves of the open beta of SVRF. Be sure to share all of the VR content you love most on Twitter/Facebook and don’t hesitate to email us with any feedback.

Happy SVRFing!

Sophia, Brent, & the SVRF Team 🏄🏻 ‍