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How to Swim Underwater Without Holding Your Breath

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Immersive Views From Under the Sea

Here at SVRF, we’re usually shredding waves above the water, but today we decided to adventure beneath the surface.

We curated this week’s collection to showcase the stunning views from below and give you a more peaceful experience than what Shark Week offers.

In this post we feature some of the most beautiful 360º captures of coral reefs, sea creatures, and even mermaids! Check out the full collection on SVRF.

Put on a headset to feel like you’re scuba diving! SVRF the web.

The most eco-friendly way to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Found Nemo!!! SVRF the web.

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from meSebastian, The Little Mermaid

Mermaids do exist! SVRF the web.

One last thing…

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