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Svrf API: Quick Start Guide for 3D Face Filters

Getting Started iOS To demonstrate searching for, and using, Svrf Face Filters we will create a basic iOS app that searches for a Face Filter and applies it to your face. For simplicity we will focus exclusively on the...

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5 Major Changes Coming to VR/AR in 2018

While the immersive industries have suffered from multiple false alarms that “this year is the year”, 2018 is undoubtedly shaping up to be a pivotal year for mass consumer adoption. Recent advancements across both...

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SVRFing into AR with ARKit & ARCore

Helping You Build Your Next AR Experience With a Curated List of the Best 3D Objects & Environments We’re excited to launch a collection of 3D objects and environments on SVRF that you can drag and drop into...

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WTF is up with Snapchat’s dancing hotdog?

Chronicling the first AR Celebrity Wait, who is this hotdog? The earliest appearance of the hotdog was posted on 6/23/17 on YouTube, making it likely the day it was introduced to Snapchat. Since then, hundreds of people...

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This Week’s Top ARKit Experiences

We’ve scoured the internet for the best ARKit posts and brought them to you Recently we’ve seen a bunch of awesome use-cases and demos pop up as ARKit gets in the hands of more and more developers every day. With a...

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