Rick and Morty AR portal

The Top 5 Snapchat AR Portals & Lenses You Can Try Today

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There’s an explanation to why you’ve been seeing videos of people waltzing into the Stranger Things AR portals or having mushrooms magically sprout out of their desks. Snapchat’s World Lenses make augmented reality experiences and AR portals accessible from your cell phone. In December, Snap launched Lens Studio, allowing you to build custom lenses and AR portals for anyone to create.

People have been getting pretty creative with the app–here are the top 5 AR portals and lenses you can try on your phone today:

1. The Pickle Rick portal has arrived. This AR portal takes Rick and Morty to a whole new level and dimension.

Pickle Rick Portal by SVRF

Rick and Morty AR portal

2. Dive into the Shape of Water with this AR portal. The SVRF team created this AR portal to show how you can blend VR and AR worlds together with portals.

Shape of Water Portal by SVRF

SVRF snapchat code

3. Play Flappy Bird IRL with this AR portal and video game combination

Flappy Bird by Nick Sandison

4. Allow your date to show you the way to all the 2018 memes

Ugandan Knuckles Meme by Vladislov_

5. Relive your worst nightmares and summon some larger-than-life spiders

The Nest by Nedd

There are two ways to unlock a lens: you can unlock a Snapcode by clicking a hyperlink on your phone. Using the Rick and Morty lens as an example, you can tap this link and your Snapchat app will open to easily unlock the lens.

You can also use the Snapcode to unlock a lens. To do so, open your rear facing camera on Snapchat and point it at the Snapcode. Long-press on the Snapcode on the camera screen until Snapchat recognizes the code,  then you’ll be prompted to unlock the lens, making it available on your phone for 24 hours!

We hope you enjoy trying these Snapchat portals, experiencing AR portals, and more!